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ArtSciDesign, LLC was founded in 2006. We are a small research and development company. with products developed around our patented, patent-pending, and proprietary technologies. Some of our developments are:

  • patented fountain pump control technology for dynamically varying the flow rate of low voltage AC fountain pumps
  • patented bi-directional pump technology for simulating tidal surge in reef aquaria
  • patented controller technology for generating tidal surge in reef aquariums
  • patented waterwall technology for generating unique waterwall display effects
  • proprietary masking devices to help tinnitus suffers manage brain induced tinnitus 'ringing' in the ears
  • limited edition art fountains driven by micro-controllers with associated electronics
  • self-contained  drip hydroponic systems for growing plants and vegetables indoors
  • float-based hydroponic kits for schools and home
  • hydroponic mini grass gardens for display and education

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